Illegal Immigration Today: NC Leads And $400,000

Good news for North Carolina

North Carolina is becoming a national leader in rooting out illegal immigrants in its local jails.

The state has largely avoided controversial municipal ordinances that crack down on illegal immigrants, their employers and their landlords. But many sheriffs and police chiefs are eager to enforce immigration law, federal officials say.

Eighteen law enforcement agencies in North Carolina, more than any other state, have asked to join a program that would allow them to check the immigration status of those they arrest and jail. Sheriff’s offices in Wake, Durham and Johnston counties are among those that have applied.

Locally, getting those three offices involved is a great thing, as both Raleigh (the State capital, for goodness [email protected]) and Durham are sanctuary cities for illegals. I know lots of Raleigh police officers are not happy being told to not check to see if someone is an illegal. Having the Sheriffs out there busting them, along with the State and Feds, will hopefully keep something like this from happening again.

All three of those counties have issues with MS-13, a violent Latin American gang. Why would we want to not do something about the problem?

And the $400,000?

What happens if you’re an illegal alien caught speeding with $440,000 in suspected drug money stowed in an elaborate compartment in the back of your truck?

Well, in the case of Erica Aramula-Fonseca, you get a speeding ticket, and probably lose your truck and your money.


The Sheriff’s Department and Porter County prosecutor will keep as much as 75 percent of the cash.

That’s not enough for activist Charee Calabro of the Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement.

“Just a traffic violation with half a million of suspected drug money in the car? That was all they could think of to charge her with?” Calabro complained.

“I doubt they would have just let a citizen go. I don’t think the law is being equally applied,” Calabro said.

Think about it.

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3 Responses to “Illegal Immigration Today: NC Leads And $400,000”

  1. Wear Red on Friday Links…

    I’m going template problems crazy today. Well, last night and today. I have spent so much time trying to figure out a few little problems with the template that I’m sure are probably something very simple that I can’t just figure out….

  2. jer miner says:

    Why is it that some people in this country feel sorry for these invaders..????
    My god people, these invaders are costing us over $476 BILLION per Year…!!!!
    this money should be spent on our own citizens programs.
    I am in doubt about your unrealistic reasoning, but please DONT count me in on your rediculous plans to “amnestize”

    Please read the statistics….www.

    I see it as mostly women , who look at a situation thru seminental eyes as would Hillary, and this is exactly why
    we would never ever vote for her…!!!

    If everyone would wake up and notice that all visiting guests on Radio and TV, in all the debates, on both sides, none, of these persons will ever discuss ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION….

    It is like it doesnt even exist, while the open borders are there for Terrorists to continue coming across, ( which border patrols know about, and have found many prayer mats, beads, Korans. )

    Illegal Immigration is the NOW leading problem in this Country, and it appears that another 9-11 must happen before any one of our BLINDED leaders notice how serious it truly is…
    We are miffed at supporting Illegals, as we never adopted them…, we never asked them to come here , why then does our Govt, give them all sorts of freebies, which American citizens cant even get…!!!

    Our Congress has clearly been bought off, as their rating of
    only 11%. They do not want to legislate against them….Why ?
    Does $ 2.3 TRILLION dollars of net profit , since 2000-2006, help you see why they wont go against them !!!

    These Congress persons were elected by us , to represent us, and they have discarded us as “nothings”. They have forced us to pay this tremmendous $ 476 Billion dollars, and we were NEVER consulted ….We never gave them permission to pay these people anything. We have our own problems.
    These people must be “FIRED”, since we are their employers.
    and they have deserted us……

    And so it shall be….!!!!

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more.

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