WP 2.3 Upgrade

Think long and hard before upgrading. Make sure you back everything up. Make sure you have plenty of time.

Turn most plugins off, then slowly turn them on. Older verions of Sideblog make it go insane. That is what I have found so far.

Working on getting things back to normal, so things might look strange off an on, and may be switching themes up here and there.

More: 2.3 hates my Pirates2.0 theme. Bummer. Going to have to find something similar, so that I can use the header.

Linkfest plug causes posting errors.

More: Used Main Index file from the updated for 2.3 Fall Season theme, seems to be working correctly.

Week later update: One thing to watch out for is the change in the structure of Categories. Some plugins and scripts call for the categories SQL, but, they no longer exist. For an explanation, look at the WP 2.3 documentation and forums. Suffice to say, it can cause issues. The Linkfest plugin caused me to see no categories in the Admin Manage page, which also meant I was seeing no posts, which, of course, caused a major freak out.

Otherwise, 2.3 seems to be humming along as normal.

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