Fired Illegal Is A Criminal? Can’t Be!

Just doing the jobs and crimes American won’t do

An illegal alien who lost his job because of Arizona’s still-pending employer-sanctions law has been indicted by a grand jury in Phoenix on charges of armed robbery, theft and aggravated assault.

Ruben Aragon Parra, 19, told Phoenix police he needed money because he and two others were fired from a landscaping job because his employer, who was not identified, was afraid of the state’s new employer-sanctions law.

Mr. Aragon Parra is accused of stealing a truck and later robbing a man in a park. A suspected accomplice, Salvador Antonio Monreal-Camargo, 24, also was indicted in the case. A third man, Guillermo Garcia, 34, was found riding in the stolen truck and was accused of unlawfully using a stolen vehicle.

Well, he certainly has his liberal talking points down pat. Blaming others because he lost his job that he never should have had because he was in the country illegally. Cue up the liberal marches and the petition machine. Shouldn’t take long. Liberals spend enormous time ginning up petitions for any possible situation. It’s easy to do when you have no morals.

And now liberals have 3 less people to take care of their lawns in Phoenix.

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