Illegal Immigration Today

The open borders crowd is certainly seething this week, and Democrats looking for new voters need to wear a night guard so their teeth are not worn down from all the nashing

U.S. authorities rounded up more than 1,300 illegal immigrants in Southern California during the past two weeks in what officials said Wednesday was the largest sweep of its kind.

The illegal immigrants arrested in the sweeps represented about 30 countries, but the vast majority — more than 1,100 — were Mexican nationals.

The raids targeted illegal immigrants who had criminal records, defied final deportation orders or re-entered the U.S. illegally, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

About 90 percent of the people taken into custody fell under those categories and included immigrants convicted of sex offenses, assaults and kidnapping, as well as suspected street gang members.

But, but, but, I thought they were all good people just wanting to live their lives in peace, particularly after they force government to make sure all signs and phone messages are in Spanish. It’s not like they commit rape, attempt to strangle their girlfriends, mug people, or sell cocaine, right?

If you Google "illegal immigrant arrested" in the news section, you will see quite a few stories about this occuring recently, and they are not all about the 1,300 in Ca. Somebody is getting the hint, and the ACLU should be coming along shortly to protect the rights of these non-Americans.

Dallas is enjoying some good times

The superintendent of the Irving school district said some immigrant parents have pulled their children from school over fears that they or their families will be deported.

Jack Singley said about 90 children have withdrawn from 33,000-student public school district in the last week.

The Mexican Consulate has advised people to avoid driving through the Dallas suburb in response to the Irving Police Department’s participation in a program with federal immigration authorities to identify illegal immigrants who have been arrested and deport them.

Again, good. They do not belong in our schools, soaking up our tax dollars. Sorry, I am not sympathetic, and, not even empathetic. They belong with their parents back in the country they came from, and, perhaps their parents would like to apply for citizenship the proper way. Blame the kids parents.

Latino advocates have accused police officers of racial profiling and overzealously arresting suspected illegal immigrants so they can be deported.

Well, yes, isn’t that the point? For those whose job it is to "protect and serve," to be the guardians of law and order, to go out and overzealously arrest those who break the law? Something I am sure they enjoy, when the politicians let them, you know, do their jobs?

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6 Responses to “Illegal Immigration Today”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    That’s 1,300 less votes for Senaturd Hitlery Rotten Clinton next November!
    * GIULIANI & HUNTER 2008 *

  2. Daniel says:

    I commend the Irving policy and wish all communities would adopt the same program. The policy is not anti-immigrant or racist or biased. Illegal means illegal. If you already are breaking the law by being here illegally and you are stopped for violating another law — regardless of how minor — too bad. You are here illegally and should not be able to remain here if caught. You certainly have no basis to demand rights — employment, the ability to use your home country’s language in school or commerce, or the like. I am the son of LEGAL immigrants and support any hard-working LEGAL immigrant coming to this country. But there is a tremendous gap between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants and the attendant rights that should flow ONLY to those here LEGALLY. We should support any LEGAL immigrant’s ability to contribute positively to the continued betterment of the US, including through extensive social programs; illegals have cheated the system and need to go back and go through the same process that the legal ones went through. If we are not a nation of laws, we are nothing.

  3. Gary says:

    I think they should do this all over the country. Illegal immigrants from wherever need to be caught and deported and change the stupid law about kids being born here are automatically U.S. citizens! Bull—-! It’s about time but way too late. Tell the American Communist Lawyers Union to go back to Russia or wherever we don’t need their sorry a– in this country either. Thank you very much

  4. sluggabohn says:

    You might want to recheck recent history. I believe it is the REPUBLICAN President Shrub who is bending over backwards to give amnesty to wetba…err… illega…I mean… migrants.

    I am not stupid enough to name myself after the party of ANY of the idiots in Washington. I am a U.S. Army combat veteran who is inches from a heart attack because of all the steps it is taking me to get my wife here from Bangladesh.

    But guess what? I STILL don’t want them to make it easier. I want them to make it harder. Or better yet… leave the laws as they are BUT START ENFORCING THEM!

  5. Sluggabohn, I have written many times negatively about Bush’s stance on illegal immigration. Why do you think he gets such low poll marks from Conservatives. But he is only one of a limited amount of Republicans who believe that way. Seemingly, most liberals want to let the illegals in.

    I hope you get her in. We should make it easier for people in your case, and stop letting all the illegals in.

  6. Robby says:

    Its about time. I thought I was the only one in this country wishing our elected officials would wake up. Yes if you want to immigrate to this country legally please do so. I have no problem with anyone of any race wanting to make better for themselves and or family. Just do it the right and legal way. When you get to this country, do as our ancestors and work hard to assimilate into THIS culture. Don’t come here and park 10 cars on your front lawn, and then have to have an interpreter come with code enforcement to tell you that you can’t park 10 cars on your lawn in this country. I don’t want to have my tax dollars pay for your kids education and Doctor bills. I want YOUR tax dollars and mine to pay for a Good Public education system in this country again. Not one that just process My kids (interested in getting a good education) along with yours like cattle so NO CHILD GETS LEFT BEHIND. I could go on. The list of why Illegal Immigration to this country is such a burden is as long as how long we have looked the other way. We have to stop the BLEEDING now…

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