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Iraqi Citizens Rejecting Extremists

I bet you think this story was in the NY Times or on CNN As the U.S. troop surge has taken effect in areas of Iraq, Iraqi citizens are shifting away from extremist groups and stepping forward to assist coalition and Iraqi security forces and secure their communities, a U.S. commander in Iraq said today. […]

Katrina Rebuilding Highlights Political Differences

Let’s start with CNS News In the two years since Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2005, the Bush administration has failed to restore the city because of its reliance on conservative policies, a liberal organization charged in a report released Tuesday. "The failure we see in the rebuilding of New Orleans is […]

WTW: Silky Says “Give Up Your SUV”

  Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here to tell you the truth. And today’s truth is about John Edwards, aka, Silk Pony, Breck Girl, Senator Gone. Ya know, I have seen, during my perusals of the Internet, people wondering why bloggers even bother with Edwards. He is way, way behind in the polls, and they think […]

Zombies And Ghouls

To start with the ghouls, some at the DU are really, really, really unhappy about Real median household income in the United States climbed between 2005 and 2006, reaching $48,200, according to a report released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. This is the second consecutive year that income has risen. Meanwhile, the nation’s official […]

PETA Smacked For Smacking Vick

Don’t think that this is saying what Vick did is in any part OK. He did horrible things, he is a horrible person, and he should spend some good time in jail. At least 2-3. It is amazing to me, as a sidebar, that he could get anywhere from a year to 5 years, when […]

Justice Dept. Sponsers Terror Suspects

What world do some of these folks live in? The Justice Department is co-sponsoring a convention held by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) — an unindicted co-conspirator in an ongoing federal terrorist funding case — a move that is raising concerns among the Justice’s rank and file. Justice lawyers have objected to the […]

TLF: Didn’t The Silk Pony Say The Iraq Gov’t Had Done Squat?

Well, now, remember this from only yesterday? "Although they haven’t done squat yet, I would give [Iraq prime minister Nouri al-Maliki] and the Sunnis at least a few months to reach a compromise. But they’ve got to know there’s a deadline," he said. While it was nice that he would give them a few months, […]

Aside: BeldarBlog Offers Kerry His Day In Court

Y’all have got to read this post over at the Beldar Blog. Think Waffles will accept? Hint: it is about the Swift Boat Vets for Truth and defamation.

Vick Is Kidding, Right?

I have no sympathy for him. Do you? Shortly after he entered his guilty plea, Vick apologized "for all the things that I’ve done and that I’ve allowed to happen." In addition to making apologies to Atlanta Falcons teammates, his coach and the National Football League, Vick also said he was sorry "to all the […]

Silk Pony Continues Defeat and Retreat

Funny guy Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards said yesterday that Congress should continue to push for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq regardless of what top military advisers say in their progress report next month. The former North Carolina senator started the last day of his four-day bus tour of New Hampshire outside City Hall, […]

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