Silk Pony Continues Defeat and Retreat

Funny guy

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards said yesterday that Congress should continue to push for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq regardless of what top military advisers say in their progress report next month.

The former North Carolina senator started the last day of his four-day bus tour of New Hampshire outside City Hall, where he told several hundred people that they should ask themselves two key questions when the report is released. First, has Iraq made progress toward a political solution? And second, how long will troops be deployed if there is no progress?

Edwards has said that if he were president, he would remove about 50,000 American troops immediately, with the rest redeployed over about nine months.

Last time I checked, Silky wasn’t even good enought to keep his Senate seat, much less even win the Vice President spot. Go figure.

Perhaps he could also tell us exactly how he would get them out. What are is his detailed exit strategy. Considering he has call for one from Bush, does he have one?

"Although they haven’t done squat yet, I would give [Iraq prime minister Nouri al-Maliki] and the Sunnis at least a few months to reach a compromise. But they’ve got to know there’s a deadline," he said.

Now that is funny! Considering that the current Democrat led Congress has done squat, and he himself was so worthless as a Senator, for basically failing to show up to his job as Senator (Edwards’ attendence record for votes and committee meetings was considerably worse then Kerry’s), that his own home town paper tagged him with the "Senator Gone" label.

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