Daily Archives: August 15, 2007

Prison Planet Backs Ron Paul

Seriously, when a site that is even farther left the Daily Kos starts giving aid to a Republican, isn’t it time to run away? A host of curious events at the Iowa Straw Poll at the weekend has raised questions as to whether there was some kind of tampering with the final vote count, with […]

Could Anyone Buy Mike Nifong Some Cheese?

Perhaps some really stinking Limburger When former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong mailed in his law license last week, he also included a note bemoaning "the fundamental unfairness" of the North Carolina State Bar’s handling of his ethics case. (snip) "Mr. Williamson’s e-mail assertion that the addition of a new conclusion of law based on […]

A Short Course In Brain Surgery

Liberal American’s are pushing socialized health care why? And, while we are at it, a film on the American uninsured, by the same film maker, Stuart Browning. (h/t SamuraiJack)

WTW: Americans Are Happy Campers

And a good White Trash Wednesday! Jebediah Murphy here, and it is time for the truth. And this has GOT to hurt Democrats, who are always so negative and downbeat. Except when something bad happens to America, of course Americans say they’re annoyed with politicians, vexed by the press and unsure about the war in […]

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