Daily Archives: August 8, 2007

Gov. Easley Has Lost His Mind

Raleigh broke the high set in 1999 of 101 (why wasn’t Slick doing something about global warming back then!) with 102 today. And that is without the heat index, folks. Heck, it was a dry heat for awhile. When I went to lunch, it was hot, with a hot wind, but low humidity, but, half […]

Hillary ‘Roids and other Musings

I wonder if Obama Osama and Breck Girl have considered filing a motion to have Hillary tested, what with her double digit leads in the polls. If she wins, should there be an asteric berfore her name and on her presidential portrait? President usually meet with atheletes and others who break major records. Putting aside […]

Iraqi’s Still Want To Be Police

Despite all the bombings of police stations and recruiting offices and training centers, Iraqi’s sure want to do their part (as well as have huge cajones) COMBAT OUTPOST CLEARY, Iraq, Aug. 7, 2007 — It began with a bit of confusion and awkwardness. Superiors were busy ensuring everything was set, and subordinates asked each other […]

WTW: Hillary Says Be Responsible

  Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here to tell you the truth. I reckon little Miss Hillary said something very interesting during the Demorat debate (MSNBC) Obama also took hits. Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd chided him for recently suggesting he would strike terrorist targets in Pakistan if he had information about the location of al-Qaida terrorists, […]

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