Gov. Easley Has Lost His Mind

Raleigh broke the high set in 1999 of 101 (why wasn’t Slick doing something about global warming back then!) with 102 today. And that is without the heat index, folks. Heck, it was a dry heat for awhile. When I went to lunch, it was hot, with a hot wind, but low humidity, but, half an hour later, swelter, baby, swelter!

At the time of writing this, WRAL reports temps of 87 at WRAL studios, and 91 at RDU (airport), with heat indexes of 95 and 98, respectively. Yet, Gov. Easley is saying

Raleigh — With temperatures forecast to reach the triple digits, Gov. Mike Easley on Wednesday urged North Carolina residents to set their thermostats between 78 and 80 degrees in an effort to conserve energy.

"If every customer will adjust the thermostat up to two degrees, it will help ensure that we do not have any blackouts anywhere across the state," Easley said.

Two degrees up would put me at 74

Say, I wonder what the Governor’s Mansion’s A/C is set to? If I was a betting man, I would say it is lower then 78-80.

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