Daily Archives: August 25, 2007

Britwreck’s Evolution

Heh heh! This is funny. Britney Spears slow wreck in picture (the pics are safe, but the site might not be SFW)

Romney Releases Health Care Plan

Why is it that Republicans running for President are coming out with detailed health care plans, something that is low on the priority list, yet, Democrats, who have made it a primary issue, are still only talking in generalities? Perhaps they will pull a Kerry, and promise to tell us their plans after they are elected? […]


This is simply unbelievable (NY Times) AT&T is paying millions to be the exclusive United States provider of Apple’s much-hyped and glowingly reviewed gadget, the iPhone. It took 17-year-old George Hotz two months of work to undermine AT&T’s investment. Mr. Hotz, a resident of Glen Rock, N.J., published detailed instructions online this week that he […]

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