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Why Women Go To The Bathroom In Pairs

Here it is, guys, the ultimate answer you have been looking for. Not for the faint of heart!   I can just see the hate mail now! Meanwhile, one for the ladies, just to make it even: 10 Examples of Why Men Shouldn’t Drink and Invent.

Shrillary Ducks Socialized Health Care Question

Brian Debose at the Washington Times writes that "Clinton Blasts Blogger." CNN says "Clinton lays in to critic at forum." The NY Times has it as a "testy exchange on health care." Not one of them wonders if "hmm, is the question asker correct?" (NY TIMES) LAS VEGAS – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton just had an […]

White House Going It Alone On Illegals

Or, so they say WASHINGTON (AP) — A crackdown on illegal immigration will have to go forward without help from Congress, the Bush administration said Friday, asserting that an executive-branch-only approach is better than doing nothing. Two Cabinet secretaries — Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff and Commerce’s Carlos Gutierrez — said they hoped to have new […]

Dutch Lawmaker Looking For A Fatwah!

I am betting he is going to get one, too (CNSNews.com) – A Dutch lawmaker under fire for urging that the Koran be banned in his country says he will press ahead with the proposal, and submit it in the form of a parliamentary resolution next month. Geert Wilders of the right-wing Freedom Party told […]

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