Daily Archives: August 21, 2007

Being Illegal Not A Crime, Court Says

Amazing. Well, disgusting and disturbing, if you want to get into it If you can get past the border guards and into the United States, you’re no longer violating the law, according to a Kansas Court of Appeals decision. The ruling comes after an illegal immigrant, Nicholas Martinez, was sentenced to a year in jail […]

Illegal Employers Scared

Tiny violins Henry Vega, a citrus and avocado grower, expresses the unease that many California employers and workers feel in light of the Bush administration’s newly announced crackdown on illegal immigration. "This seems like a real gray area, legally," said Vega, who also is a farm labor contractor in Oxnard in Ventura County. "If we […]

T(Insane)LF: Truthers Upset With History Channel

I gotta say, the History did an excellent job of not only debunking so many of the 9/11 myths, but also in making the Truthers and their movement look like raving lunatics. Can it get any better then the guys who made Loose Change sitting around in their bedroom with the blinds all closed, redoing their […]

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