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9/11 Conspiracies

Quick blurb: for any Truthers out there, or folks who like to refute the nutball Truthers, tune in to The History Channel tonight at 9pm, program about the myths of 9/11. Examines the various conspiracy theories espoused on the Internet, in articles and in public forums that attempt to explain the 9/11 attacks. It includes […]

Aside: Guess That Violent Congressman!

The media is playing their little "can you guess which party the guy who went ape at the airport is part of?" game. Fortunately, Glenn and Allahpundit are good guessers. How ’bout you?

Global Warming Today: Nothing Is More Important, Damnit!

The United Nations General Secretary has now gone insane Global warming is the most important issue facing mankind, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said Friday in an interview with Yoichi Funabashi, editor in chief of the vernacular Asahi Shimbun. Ban said the United Nations’ September forum on global warming will be crucial to advancing moves […]

Edwards Was In The Foreclosure Biz?

Say it ain’t so! Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, who has called homeownership ”the foundation of the American dream,” said Friday he will get rid of personal assets tied to lenders who have foreclosed on Hurricane Katrina victims. ”I will not have my family’s money involved in these firms that are foreclosing on people in […]

Beer Monday: Say Bye Bye To Elvira

Happy Monday! The start of the work week, a time to get busy and productive, impress the boss, do some good things. How ’bout a beer? It would have been exceedingly easy to mention Elvira, Queen of Darkness, or that song, but, no, we will just keep it simple, and say that this Elvira needs […]

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