Hillary ‘Roids and other Musings

I wonder if Obama Osama and Breck Girl have considered filing a motion to have Hillary tested, what with her double digit leads in the polls. If she wins, should there be an asteric berfore her name and on her presidential portrait?

President usually meet with atheletes and others who break major records. Putting aside all politics, should W meet with Bonds?

What does it say about our society when a mini van has a sign on it that says "Just Married," and, written in the dirt on the back window, "Get Some! The Bitch Is Married!"?

Libs have said Bush should be impeached for violating the 4th Amendment regarding wire tapping (well, they think he should be impeached for simply breathing). Yet, the Dem led Congress just pass legislation in both houses that states that what he was doing was perfectly legal. WHat does John Conyers do with his tinker toy gavel now?

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