WTW: Hillary Says Be Responsible


Morning, y’all, Jebediah Murphy here to tell you the truth. I reckon little Miss Hillary said something very interesting during the Demorat debate

(MSNBC) Obama also took hits. Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd chided him for recently suggesting he would strike terrorist targets in Pakistan if he had information about the location of al-Qaida terrorists, even without the permission of President Pervez Musharraf.

“General Musharraf is no Thomas Jefferson,” Dodd said, but he is an ally in the war on terror.

Clinton joined in, saying to Obama, “you should not always say everything you think when you are running for president, because it can have consequences.”

Actually, that should be “you should not always say everything you think, because it can have consequences.” Teach and I, along with so many others, have said time and time again that free speech is a great thing, but along with it comes responsibility, especially the higher up the food chain you go. When a American politicians are advancing cut and run, that we are losing Iraq, that the global war on terror is a bumper sticker slogan, that the president is a “loser,” those words have consequences, just like actions.

Now, if only Hillary would practice what she preaches, and get the rest of the Demorats to follow along.

Meanwhile, no, after the Silk Pony and Barak “bomb our allies” Obama said they would not be in lobbyists pockets

Seven of the eight contenders shared a covered stage at Soldier Field in 90-degree heat. Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, who did not complete the required AFL-CIO questionnaire, did not plan to attend.

and (switching to LA Times)

The debate was sponsored by the AFL-CIO and attended by about 17,000 union members. In withering heat, the candidates answered questions from a stage sitting on the 10-yard line at Soldier Field. The event was broadcast on MSNBC and a video replay is available here

Heh heh heh! Oh, I forgot. The AFL-CIO is not “corporate America.”

Michelle M sorta live blogged the debate, otherwise known as the great Demorat suckup to Big Labor.

“I’m just taking it all in,” Clinton said. “I’ve noticed in the last few days that a lot of the other campaigns have been using my name a lot. But I’m here because I think we need to change America. And it’s not to get in fights with Democrats.”

She added that “for 15 years, I have stood up against the right-wing machine and I’ve come out stronger. So if you want a winner who knows how to take them on, I’m your girl.”

Very interesting. Like most Demorats, she seems to want to fight her fellow Americans who are on the right, have Dems sheeple along, yet not fight against our enemies. (see the vid of this at Hot Air)

Wait, didn’t she fight with Demorats throughout the debate, and her pissing match with Osama Obama?

Over at Hot Air, Bryan writes “but at 7:21 Richardson said he’d fire a whole bunch of government lawyers for political reasons (union busting or something like that). Isn’t that what the Democrats are accusing Bush of doing — firing government lawyers for political reasons?” See the post for video.

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3 Responses to “WTW: Hillary Says Be Responsible”

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  2. Carl says:

    Hillary would rather fight against the right rather than fight for the betterment of the country. Figures. That’s pretty much what the current crop of liberal Democrats believe — oppose the conservative Republicans at every turn no matter who it hurts, no matter how backlogged things get, no matter what. Just oppose them. It’s all about acheiving and holding onto power for Congresscritters rather than doing what’s right for the country.

    No wonder the approval rating for Congress is at an all-time low and makes Bush’s ratings look fantastic in comparison.

    But congresscritters are too blind to see.

  3. irtexas says:

    I wonder if the Hilterbeast has noticed that the other campaigns weren’t using her name in a good way? I also do not think that living in the same town with a president is called experience? She doesn’t care about anything but getting power. No one else matters but her.

    Her VP and cabinet would be like a roll of paper towels. Disposable. I guess they will pick numbers first thing in the morning and when something happens and the number is called, they run out and jump on her sword. Problem solved. Carry on.

    Please someone buy her a mirror. Let me know what it cost you and I will remburse you the money. She really needs a new one. Not one made out of polished metal. She’s your “girl”? My comment, ………………………….. that’s as clean as I can be and not be banned.

    I have no idea what the unions are thinking. But they never learn anyway. The very thought of them being back in the WH is so scary. With all of the investigations on them and have been done on them why are they still free? Never mind in office? She said that nothing was ever proven so she doesn’t understand why they keep looking? I guess I missed something some where. Maybe I was in a coma that week.

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