PETA Smacked For Smacking Vick

Don’t think that this is saying what Vick did is in any part OK. He did horrible things, he is a horrible person, and he should spend some good time in jail. At least 2-3. It is amazing to me, as a sidebar, that he could get anywhere from a year to 5 years, when that NBA ref is looking at 20+. They may have been just dogs, as some say, but, there is a difference between the brutality and killing of dogs Vick was involved in and simply betting and influencing games, eh?


The Center for Consumer Freedom on Monday charged People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) with hypocrisy because of PETA’s vocal criticism of NFL quarterback Michael Vick, who pleaded guilty to involvement in a dog fighting network.

In an ad published in The New York Times, the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) notes that Vick is under fire for the killing of eight dogs and mentions his involvement in an illegal dog fighting operation. The ad also says that PETA has been responsible for the killing of more than 14,400 dogs, cats, and other animals since 1998.

PETA "loves to point the finger at others, when they should be looking at their own record of killing more than 90 percent of the animals left in their care," the ad says, citing government records CCF has obtained from Virginia, where PETA is based.

"PETA has shamelessly used the horrific Michael Vick case to pad their group’s coffers, even though their track record of slaughtering thousands of helpless, adoptable animals is far more damning," CCF Director of Research David Matosko said in a statement. "Americans need to be aware of how PETA treats animals in their care and reject the group’s overt hypocrisy."

This does not excuse Michael Vick in any way. But it does highlight what hypocrites PETA are. You can see quite a bit of it over at PETA Kills Animals.

A problem with PETA is, like so many advocacy groups, they go way, way, way too far. It is a noble cause to keep people from treating animals pooryl. For some, I guess going vegan is OK. I’m not in to it, but, hey, to each their own. But things like worrying about crabs is absurd. And

Video: 3 Reasons Not To Eat Fish

LOL! I wonder if PETA realizes that fish are not animals? Kinda how the ACLU has forgotten that the A stands for American.

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Melissa is OK, as well, if you are in to the Goth thing.

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6 Responses to “PETA Smacked For Smacking Vick”

  1. Web Reconnaissance for 08/29/2007…

    A short recon of whatÂ’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often….

  2. GrassTorturer says:

    The Center for Consumer Freedom ( is a food industry advocacy group. Every anti-animal welfare site on the internet has picked up this very old story about PETA. On the surface it seems deeply ironic. But most people believe they are doing the right thing when they are forced to euthanize their pet for medical reasons. The Human Society euthanize a tremendous number of animals every year and few people think they are unethical for doing so because people see there is a need for this. PETA is more concerned with the tratment of animals while they are alive (see

  3. Jan Green says:

    I have a problem with any group that claims to save animals when actually their collective efforts are far worst than many pet owners.

  4. Andrew says:

    I think you’re way off base regarding PETA and the Michael Vick case. Michael Vick tortured animals and had them die horrific deaths. PETA euthanizes animals in a very humane way. It would be impossible to keep and take care of every animal they come across so they have to do the only humane thing they can – euthanize the animals to prevent any further suffering.

  5. Zaphorah says:

    928,000 dollars!!! Who gets to keep the money? PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who sought to euthanize or put the animals to sleep (whatever you want to call it, “kill” the animals) or Best Friends for Animal Society, who wanted to rehabilitate the animals and provide the ‘best” care for the animals. They continue to argue. I am sure many would love to receive the care those animals are receiving. Quality medical care, when many Americans are not receiving such care.

    Please don’ lie and tell me the concern was about those dogs. The whole saga was about the “Money”. The truth is finally being revealed. Initially I questioned the amount of publicity and attention given to Vick and those dogs. People talked about “Vick, Vick, Vick. Some even failed to mention the dogswhen suggesting that Vick should be sent to “hell”.

    Vick had the money. Others did not. Vick was given an excessive prison term, while the coffers of PETA, Best Friends for Animal Care, and the Human Society increased and continue to increase. Vick continues to sit in prison while those who proclaim their love ”animals continue to argue among themselves.

    I often think about a picture of Vick which appeared when he was initially drafted. The picture may be found in Sports Illustrated. Vick was shown holding a black and white dog on a leachn. In that picture Vick appeared to care for that dog.

    Vick was a scapegoat. The truth has not been completely revealed. Some might be surprised when they learn the “truth”. It’s not very pretty.


  6. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    “I love eating cats rolled in PETA BREAD Teach… a Melmachian delcacy sir. Need GREEN BEER to clear the airway from those fur balls… Happy St. Patrick’s Day matey! Bye bye Spitzer too!!” – ALF

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