Army Works On Zoo, Plus, More Moonbats!

Unsurprisingly, neither of these stories were carried by any of the big news media. First, from Defend America

"It was kind of a shock because I didn't know they had a zoo," Sgt. 1st Class Herbert Mowery said of his initial reaction upon learning that one of his new responsibilities would be working with the staff of the Baghdad Zoo.

Mowery, the special projects noncommissioned officer for the 15th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, recently moved with his battalion from Forward Operating Base Falcon located in southern Baghdad to FOB Prosperity located in the International Zone.

With this move came new missions, among those overseeing an area of Baghdad known as Al-Zawra Park, which is home to the once renowned Baghdad Zoo.

The three-square block park, nestled in the heart of the city, was a surprising sight to the Parkersdurg, W. Va. native the first time he visited the area.

"It was a big shock because of how well they had maintained it throughout this whole time, and then to see the people out there and the animals that they have," said Mowery. "It was a welcome surprise."

According to the zoo's assistant director, who helped open the zoo in 1978, the zoo only closed for about five months after the war began. During that time, staff members who lived on the grounds continued to care for the animals.

"As far as I know, they only lost one animal during that whole time," Mowery said.

Mowrey and the rest of the 15th will be there protecting the zoo, as well as providing help with some of the care, so as to provide a safe, secure environment for the locals to spend some quiet time. I guess the troops aren't all baby killers who are terrorizing women and children in the dark of night because they were too dumb to go to college.

Earlier in the week I, along with so many others, had photos of the liberal protests, including burning a soldier in effigy. Now, via Little Green Footballs, comes video of the moonbats burning a soldier in effigy

[gv data=”dir1tkQftww”][/gv]

But, as I have been told by several liberals at several blogs and forums, it is all Conservatives fault for making an issue out of it. Go figure. It is our fault that liberals burned a US soldier in effigy.

They also say that this is isolated, and doesn't represent liberals/progressives/Democrats. Perhaps not. Consider, though. If you witness a crime, and do not report it, that makes you an accessory. Like all the Muslims who sit back and say nada about the people who have hijacked their religion for murder and mayhem, liberals who sit back and say nothing about the actions of the people who vote for and support the same people and policies are accessories to these insane, disgusting actions.

Which side

  • burns soldiers in effigy?
  • burns and/or otherwise desecrates American flags?
  • smears blood, urine, feces, and paint at military recruitment centers?
  • actively attempts to get arrested at protest?
  • Or, smears feces on themselves to not get arrested?
  • thinks 9/11 was an inside job?
  • blames the U.S.A. for world wide terrorism?
  • provides aid and comfort for terrorists?
  • riots at WTO gatherings?
  • thinks the USA is always the aggressor?
  • support abortion on demand, but not execution for murderers?
  • becomes violent at protests, in violation of the 1st Amendment?
  • supports giving American rights to captured terrorists?
  • trashes political party headquarters?
  • carry signs that say "fuck the troops?"
  • supported Michael Crook and his "Forsake the Troops" site?
  • want to immediately cut off funding for the troops?
  • trashes Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and anything Christian through "art?"

I'm sure lot's, lot's more could be added to the list. Check Hot Air about a "few fringe actors," and Michelle about other flag desecration.

Ed Driscoll writes "Peace Through Superior Bodily Functions"

Seriously, Libs tell us they are oh-so-superior-and-smart. How smart is it to smear feces on oneself, and do these other things? At least dogs have a good excuse when they roll in things. They are just being dogs. Are liberals just being liberals?

Hot Air also has the rest of the pictures of the new defunded US military that I started last night. I forget whether I had posted them all in the past, they had been sitting on my Photobucket for a couple months. Go check it out.

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Hot Air also has the video, too.

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7 Responses to “Army Works On Zoo, Plus, More Moonbats!”

  1. Cao's Blog says:

    The nutroots show how they support the troops…

    The nutroots are loose…if this was a fascist war, those people wouldn’t have the freedom to burn soldiers in effigy.
    And they say they ’support the troops’?
    What’s ’supportive’ about erecting voodoo like dolls…

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    WT Blackbeard of Patriotism – When our troops liberated Baghdad and Saddam’s statue came down in jubiliation, the troops made it to a Baghdad zoo. The Wacki Iraqi Saddam Sadists threw grenades at the animals and a lion, blinded in one eye, survived. This was covered in the NY Post and their sister British tabloid – The Sun.
    ( Ignore their infamous Page 3 girls? OMG Bigtime? I follow the 15 Brit sailors & marines hostage crisis by Iranian Islamomaniacs daily in The Sun because our western liberal newspaper rags won’t give you the Brit side!
    Last night the British COBRA and MI6 briefings were held with Tony Blair.
    + Happy Holy Season of Lent +

  3. John Ryan says:

    The 2 groups that give the highest percentage of their votes to the Democrats are the Blacks and the Jews. According to CNN exit polls for our last Federal election 87% of both groups voted Democrat. These are the people you hate so much.

  4. John Ryan says:

    And for the other poster those Brit Marines surrendered faster than any French ever did, musta made the Queen proud !

  5. Reasic says:

    Teach, I told you at hooahwife that this was a vile, disgusting act, and even showed a similar sentiment from DailyKos. This is in no way representative of the “left”, and your continued attempts to make that connection are shameful.

  6. Reasic, this was not aimed at you. Yes, we had the discussion. I actually had it much longer at my favorite forum, as well as seeing folks at the DU make the same claims. Also, at several other forums. All blaiming “neocons” in one form or another.

  7. 123beta says:

    Another Open Trackback Weekend…

    Wow, this week passed quickly! Time for another open trackback weekend, so have at it……

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