World Can’t Wait Vs. Bill O’Reilly

This exchange has it all. Hysteria. Insanity. Ultra Progressive Talking Points. The inability to substantiate claims. Continuous, non stop chatter, including interruptions, with said talking points without giving the other side a break. False "facts." In other words, today's typical moonbat.

Judge for yourself, as Sunsara Taylor takes on O'Reilly

Video: World Can't Wait Vs Bill O'Reilly

Also available at Youtube

The problem with opinion and news shows today is that exchanges have to fit into a short period of time, so that a host, or guest, mind you, cannot spend the time rebutting and forcing someone to answer a question when they are going off the reservation.

And, you have to just love, as pointed out above, the way she just kept yammering on and on. How rude!


Anyhow, what else could you expect from an organization that features Lynne Stewart, convicted of conspiracy, providing material support to terrorists, and defrauding the U.S. government, on their advisory board. She has represented some of the worst scum, and gone beyond her lawerly duties.

And, how about Howard Zinn? He combines elements of socialism and anarchism, and is an avowed America hater.

And Debra Sweet, an anti-war holdover from the Vietnam era, who, like most, blames Nixon for Vietnam, forgetting that it did not start on 1/20/1969.

But, don't say the Left doesn't support supports the troops, as highlighted by Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin. The photos were found at Indymedia

Such support.

And, another example of Leftards inability to draw the peace sign correctly (previously here and here)


They even dragged their children into their moonbattery, though I have cropped the faces out.

And, of course, the obligatory support for Islam.

Citizen Smash at The Indepundit has an excellent post, Marching With Moonbats, Part I: The Radicals. Check it out.

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Followup: LOL. Prison Planet actually picked the video up off of Youtube, with their own little spin.

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17 Responses to “World Can’t Wait Vs. Bill O’Reilly”

  1. Ogre says:

    Wow. Just wow. I’m amazed that people can be so brainwashed and yet have the brainpower to remain upright. See what you get when you remove insane asylums?

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  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Redbeard Patriot WT: The word ‘live’ spelled backwards is ‘evil’ and add a ‘d’ in front and you have ‘devil’ (NJ Devils don’t count)! WT, you have no idea how grateful my Death Star II crew is for your blog of truthfulness Matey One. The same for your righteous pirate allies of truth. Like Al Pacino told Keeanu Reeves in The Devils Advocate, “When you corrupt the legal system you corrupt the world!” Keep on blogging and firing off your cannons and the left, the lost, the evil, the four riders of the apocalypse and the devil will be beaten. Happy Lenten Season and God bless U.S. and deliver U.S. from evil…are you ready? Let’s Roll!

  4. I saw that last night, and had to post it. Perfect example.

  5. Shimmy says:

    You’re right. That’s a great point.

  6. Perri Nelson says:

    World Can’t Wait has been pasting their little signs on just about every vertical surface in Seattle for years now.

    Just reading some of their “literature” turns my stomach. These people are socialists, communists and anarchists and they’re proud of it. Except when they’re trying to hide who they are so they sound reasonable.

  7. she just kept yammering on and on.

    She came across as the loon that she is. I was amused.

    Talk about a drama queen! Sheesh!

  8. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Patriots All – The Godless Demlibloonies have removed God and prayer from the public schools, have propagandized their evil in the newspapers, magazines, radio and television mediums. They removed US history from our public schools too so our western heritage and cultures are under attack 24-7-365 and now their ALLAH is trumping our Jesus Christ and God, it’s only a matter of time… or is it? We
    shelled out bigbucks for our kids to receive a quality private school education, but many can’t sacrifice for quality. Private schools do not have liberal democratic teachers unions. Lay landmines one mile deep by 3,000 miles along the southern borders and use drones and our military. This is what the Alamo fought for? So sickening and sad.
    “Remember The Alamo!!!”

  9. Web Reconnaissance for 03/20/2007…

    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention….

  10. Carl says:

    First of all, as a life-long, die-hard, Tommy Lasorda-esque L.A. (formerly Brooklyn) Dodgers fan I must object strongly to the security word I had to type in (“giants”). If Muslim cashiers can force customers to bag their own pork, then I should be able to have the blog owner type in such a security word!

    {The above paragraph has been closed captioned for the humor impaired.}

    But I digress…

    I suggest using that segment in a montage entitled “Moonbats On Parade” to remind folks with common sense just how many wacky people there are out there who go off the emotional deep end with little to no factual support. A reality flotation device would do wonders in their lives but while they continue to flounder in the seas of common sense they continue to refuse offers of rescue by the sane world.

  11. Well, Giants as in NY football. Big time Dodgers fan here, too 🙂

    Bill actually went easy on her. You can tell he wanted to rip her throat out, metaphorically speaking, but, looks like he said “wow, I have one of the real wacko’s here, I’ll just let her dig her own grave.”

  12. Benjamin says:

    It’s so intelligent of all of you to parrot this blog and say oh she is just such a loon without citing what it is she’s loony about. You people need to pick up a godamn history book. Cowards both spiritually and intellecutally watch and digest Fox News as informative beacause they’re afraid to think for themselves. Beware identfying yourself with sexual predating ego-maniacs such as Bill O’reilly you look dumb.

  13. Looks as if Benjamin has validate the points by simply throwing out smears and personal attacks, without actually rebutting nor offering proof. Figures.

  14. Carl says:

    To William: Oh, the football Giants. In the immortal words of Emily Litella, “Nevermind.”

    To Benjamin: What is Sunsara loony about? To paraphrase: let me count the ways…

    1) Accusations of widespread torture with no evidence and not a single documented example. When pressed by O’Reilly all she could offer was an ongoing lawsuit that has not been settled yet. This is not a “fact” supporting her accusation of torture.

    2) Claiming the CIA is running Quitmo. The facts contradict her clearly.

    3) Her claim the war is illegal when in fact nothing supports her accusation. Even the U.N. refuses to call it such. She refers to it as an “illegal war by Nuremburg standards.” She has no clue whatsoever of the Nuremburg war trials. Can you say “non sequitur” boys and girls? I knew ya could. Also this accusation enters the realm of the dreaded “red herring.”

    4) Her claims that lies were told to get the war started. For example, she conveniently ignores the fact that every single major intelligent source the world over was convinced Saddam had WMD’s. Secondly she refuses to acknowledge that the Clinton administration also believed Saddam had WMDs. Hillary Clinton is ON RECORD stating she believed it also. It was the best information at the time. Why wasn’t it better? Well the Clinton administration made the CIA, NSA and every other agency that had ’em remove all human infiltrations (that took DECADES to establish) in terrorist organizations worldwide. Notice that just over a minute into the interview, O’Reilly confronts her with this little tidbit and she ducks it. Dishonest on her part.

    5) Her claim that 600,000 Iraqi civilians have lost their lives in the war when no legitimate organization supports that figure. Even the U.N.’s estimate is more than 1/10th less her claim. Her “source” (the Lancet Study) for the 600,000 figure has already been thoroughly debunked. The Lancet Study’s methodology have been shown to be questionably at best and fraudulent at worst. But loons like Sunsara keep on quoting it as if by doing so it will suddenly become true. It won’t.

    6) She falsely accused the allied forces as being “colonial occupation.”

    7) Claiming Donald Rumsfeld’s “handwriting was on the walls of Abu Graab” when there is absolutely no evidence to support such an accusation.

    I could go on and on Benjamin but Sunsara lost the debate within the first 2 minutes and O’Reilly allowed her to twist in the wind for the remainder. She went into this interview unarmed intellectually and got hammered. This is why she qualifies as a “loon”, a “moonbat”, a “nut job”, etc. She has no credibility but her hatred of her country and her government overtakes whatever intelligence she once had. If such raving lunatics manage to control the government, the United States will be doomed.

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