Today’s Illegal Immigrant Sob Story

Grab your hankies, it's going to be a bumpy ride (from the Raleigh N&O)

Maricruz and her husband had lived illegally in the United States so long she had almost forgotten it was a crime.

Then, on Jan. 24, her husband disappeared.

U.S. immigration officials arrested him and 20 other workers at Smithfield Foods' gigantic Bladen County slaughterhouse. They drove him to Georgia and locked him up as an illegal immigrant.

Maricruz's husband, known to his managers as Rodolfo Cordova, found himself in the middle of the nation's new get-tough immigration enforcement strategy. So did his family. The News & Observer is telling their story to offer a fuller picture of how the federal crackdown is playing out in the lives of people who immigrated illegally.


Maricruz, 39, and her husband, whose real name is Juan, paid a smuggler to bring them over the border almost a decade ago.

A few weeks after her husband's arrest, Maricruz agreed to let a reporter visit her home. She declined, however, to give a last name other than Cordova, the name her husband paid $1,000 for when they arrived in the United States.

The $1,000 that bought the Cordova name also secured a fraudulent birth certificate and Social Security number. That enabled Juan to get hired at Smithfield, Maricruz said.

I am just completely broken up, aren't you?

What this oh-so-sad story mentions and dismisses is that they are illegal! Sure, it is mentioned repeatedly, but, is that any reason to break the family up, or so the N&O is postulating. Guess what, N&O? Lots of families are broken up when a member is sent to jail for other crimes. Why is this any different?

And, as far as the reporter visiting Maricruz real name is not Cordova, doesn't that make her an accessory to a crime? Just because one is a member of the media does not exclude them from the law.

On second thought, maybe the reporter is right, it is sad. So, let's grab the rest of the family, and reunite them all back in Mexico. Sounds fair, right?

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5 Responses to “Today’s Illegal Immigrant Sob Story”

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  2. Dana says:

    As my hubby would say, “Aw, diddums.”

    In a way, they have a point, though. If we want to prevent this heartbreaking stories, the only thing to do is crack down on it thoroughly and unwaiveringly…including these businesses who know what is going on.

    So people can’t get here and work illegally for 20 YEARS, building a life, settling in and all that good sort of thing.

    They might not bother to come if they realize that it won’t be very long…maybe all those diligent, hardworking Mexicans who just want a better life can improve their own country if they work there?

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

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    …+ Mullah Cimoc +… sighting! Engaged!!
    Mullah The Magnificent…Sultan of Sumac…
    you must have eaten some bad meat and dees cereal, or smoked some bad Utah Ute herbs in your peace-pipe. I saw you in Utah protesting yesterday with your ex-ACLU Mayor of Salt Lake City demanding Bush be impeached. My Death Star II crew is still waiting for three dozen Munchkins – glazed, chocolate and plain. Wear plastic gloves this time! Your uncle, Carnac the Magnificent, used to say, “May a weird holy man use you for a mattress!”

  4. rick reno says:

    what part of Illegal do you not understand? everything else is bullshi#, simply put – they broke several laws some which are felonies. they all should be deported and prohibited from ever entering the United States Again. Why are we so stupid? they are changing the face of OUR Nation (Key Word) OUR not theirs! Deport them all!

  5. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Reno Kid is right! we have to use our US Military ID to get on installations…
    Our US Passports to enter other countries and to RE-ENTER the USA…
    The Demliblunatics and Roman Catholic law breaking bishops and cardinals are treasonous law breakers and should be arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned! My Frau from West Germany entered the US LEGALLY and now is an American CITIZEN…. A LEGAL US American CITIZEN! It’s all about ILLEGAL Democratic votes my patriots….

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