Leftards That Actually Moved To Canada

Over at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, decked out in a format designed to keep liberal trolls from sticking around, Sir Martin finds an article about Lefties (the Druckers) actually following through in their promise to leave the US if Bush won reelection in 2004

MY WIFE AND I AWOKE, as usual, to NPR. Before political correspondent Mara Liasson got to the end of her first sentence, I knew the news was disastrous. George W. Bush had been reelected.

"Honey," I said, "remember when we talked about moving to Canada?"

I'm sure a lot of other dyed-in-the-organic-wool liberals muttered something similar that dark morning in 2004, but unlike most of them, we meant it. Plan A: John Kerry wins, we build that dream ski house in Vermont. Plan B: Move to Vancouver, Canada.

So, Plan B it was. We'd had enough of Bush, the direction the United States was going, and this was the last straw. Never mind that we lived in Cambridge, Mass., arguably the most liberal city in the bluest of the blue states. We were packing our bulk granola into our diesel Beetle and heading out.

As Martin writes "Because he’s a Liberal first, a Democrat second and an American a distant third it seems. Good riddance." Huzzah!

What follows in the LA Times article (no surprise there!) is a typical rant about the ills of the US, and giving our neigbors to the north all sorts of praise for their beliefs and politics. Now, I do not want to insult Canada or Canadians, as it is a beautiful country who brought us ice hockey and Rush. But you can keep your socialized health care system and several other political measures, OK?

Liberals seem to have this hate America first, foremost, and always mentality, and whine about the most inane things. They have created issues in their minds, such as the whole facist thing. However, would you like to know reality, libs?

Reality would be my Jewish grandparents (Mother's side, Dad's are Protestant) leaving Europe in 1938, having grown up there and spending a lot of time in France, Poland, and Germany as musicians, because of serious issues they saw in Germany.

We know how those issues turned out.

Imaginary Rights violations do not stack up to the rise of Nazi Germany.

Back to Mr. Drucker, who is an "information architect," which means that he is a web designer using a typically elitist title, and his wife have decided to stay in Canada even after the Dems won back Congress, since the whole country has moved too far to the right.

Perhaps they can entice the idiots at the LA Times who thought that this was a relevant story for a major newspaper to join them.

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