Hillary 2008? Not. So. Fast.

Despite the Left leaning media proclaiming Hillary Clinton as the next President (I'm assuming they mean of the USA, not some socialist nation), if the Democratic ultra lefty base, especially the Nutroots folks, have their way, she will not even get the nomination.

Why? They just do not care for her, and, make no bones about it

  • Better question — do we want Hillary to win? I don't. She supports the war, NAFTA, CAFTA, etc
  •  Same here I would have a very hard time supporting her candidacy.
  • I simply don't like and don't trust her. so I'm not going to get all excited about her run… but I would vote for her rather than any third party or any repuke. But I'm hoping someone else wins the primary. I like Mr. Gore and think he should be re-elected. I think if he fires his "handlers" and is more himself and enters this like he has nothing to lose, he could easily win.
  • We all got burned by liking and trusting her husband, who is one hell of a salesman. She's not as convincing a liar as he is.
  • She is too well financed not to have sold-out to special interests. Members of the ruling class can access money even when they don't need it as she did in her over-financed senate campaign cakewalk. She voted us into Iraq and is a sell-out who will take the Democratic Party down to defeat in 2008 while dragging down the congressional races, it will be a debacle. She has too much money and corporate whore media support for there to be a legitimate primary test that would expose her lack of core Democratic Party values and her obvious lack of ability to win in the general election.
  • FDR and Reagan were much different cases Neither had the level of NEGATIVE association with their name that Hillary Clinton does. Sure I don't particularly like Reagan, but many people did find him a likable person whether they thought he had a chance at the Presidency or not.

    If you want to know why Hillary can't win just read the responses to this thread. Many people in HER OWN PARTY do not like her. You don't necessarily have to be liked by the opposition to win, but you do have to have a good standing among the base of your own party and Hillary does not have that.

  • Reagan and FDR didn't have 45%+ of Americans commited to voting against them before they even ran. Hillary does.

This is not an abberation. This is a consistent theme at the Leftie sites.

Here's one that puts the Leftard viewpoint in perfect clarity

I don't feel in the least "burned" by President Clinton. I do get a trifle weary, however, of "Democrats" who constantly attack other Democrats when there are PLENTY of Repuke targets around. What's the point? And as for Clinton's expertise at lying: If it takes skillful lying to get us back to peace and prosperity, I say bring it on. I'll take that over B*shit's "truthiness" and religious hypocrisy any day.

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6 Responses to “Hillary 2008? Not. So. Fast.”

  1. The religion of “Peace” wants your Child DEAD…

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  2. Scrapiron says:

    I see BDS has turned to insanity in a lot of people that commented on the original post. All you need to do is read the comment on the economy (now the strongest in history) to know the lefties are really mentally retarded. I think their insanity will result in millions of us getting killed, and the killing will include the families of the lefties.

  3. It will be interesting to see if Rangle can get his draft bill passed. It would be a great way to get the Leftards to leave the country.

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  5. Ogre says:

    Maybe the left will nominate McCain instead…

  6. The problem with McCain is that he is popular with middle America. True Conservatives dislike him, but, if more of the moderate Republicans come out during the primaries, it may well be McCain for the GOP nomination.

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