Another Freakin’ Progressive Poll. Silly, Just Silly

They are at it again, and you can bet that the liberals/socialists/progressives/surrender monkeys will be yapping about this

Last Tuesday's elections provided a striking mandate for change, according to an election night survey released last week by the Campaign for America's Future. The poll, conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, found that the top two issues among Americans who voted for Democrats this election were getting out of the mess in Iraq and getting politicians to work for the public good instead of special interests.

"This election marks the end of one-party misrule in Washington," said Campaign for America's Future Co-Director Robert Borosage. "Voters are looking for a change in course in Iraq. And they're looking for legislators who will put government on their side, challenge entrenched corporate lobbies and policies and change an economy that doesn't work for them. This marks the end of a conservative era that has been mugged by a reality that it got wrong. Now the struggle begins for what comes next."

Cut and Run and the Give Me Money For Nothing programs.

The poll found that the public holds progressive values on many economic issues. In contested districts, voters favor multilateralism in our foreign policy over a reliance on our own military force by 20 percent. By a margin of 17 percent, they consider government regulation more helpful than harmful. By a margin of 23 percent, voters opt for furthering community over individualism. And by two to one, they want government to protect jobs with fair trade policies and to take the lead in moving us towards alternative energy, rather than relying on private investors to make the choices.

Discussion with terrorist groups and enemy nations hell bent on harming and destroying the USA. The Nanny State. Communist style living. Government running our lives. Sounds like some sort of Orwellian nightmare. Except that this is what the Left really wants, Constitution be damned.

And, a little bit about the Campaign for America's Future:

America's Future insists that the question of falling wages and rising insecurity be placed at the center of our national debate. We challenge those who suggest that nothing can be done and expose the conservative agenda that has made things worse.

Yup, because the economy is just so bad right now (sic). Of course, if the government isn't giving you (someone else's) money for free, it must be bad.

Liberalism at its finest.

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2 Responses to “Another Freakin’ Progressive Poll. Silly, Just Silly”

  1. JulieB says:

    Alas, the Repubs have had it their way and the populace has voted with their feet – needed some new ideas. Do the Dems have them? No. Not a clue on the “Vision Thing”. Well, maybe a couple clues. Under the radar, a few things seem to have slipped off the Dem platform. Abortion for one – a number of “pro-life” Dems were elected. There seem to be others, but we’ll wait and see if they pan out.

  2. we are finding out what the democratic plans are. Mostly, cut and run in Iraq, raising taxes, embryonic stem cell research, which means abortion must be kept free and easy to get, and stopping all means to survielle terrorists.

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