Abramoff: 6 To 8 Seriously Corrupt Democrats

Of course, those are only the ones that are implicated (from ABC)

Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff is scheduled to report to federal prison tomorrow, over the objections of federal prosecutors who say they still need his help to pursue leads on officials he allegedly bribed.

Sources close to the investigation say Abramoff has provided information on his dealings with and campaign contributions and gifts to "dozens of members of Congress and staff," including what Abramoff has reportedly described as "six to eight seriously corrupt Democratic senators."

Interesting. I wonder what the Demaloonic Undergrounders think

  •   geek tragedy  Not helpful to speculate at this point.  Let Abramoff point fingers first.

LOL! Doesn't want to speculate when it is Democrats possibly involved. Of course, when it is a Republican who might possibly maybe kinda sorta involved in the Plame affair (what happened to that, anyhow?), speculation about frog marching is rampant.

And, yes, if, as the blog post goes on to say, if Rove or anyone else was involved, then they should be busted. 

And as far as Plame goes:

Vice President Dick Cheney asked a federal judge Tuesday to dismiss a lawsuit brought against him by a former CIA operative who says the White House leaked her identity to the press.

Cheney's attorneys criticized the lawsuit in court papers, saying it invented constitutional rights, intruded on national security discussions and came two years after the statute of limitations had expired.

Hot Air and Stop The ACLU have more.

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One Response to “Abramoff: 6 To 8 Seriously Corrupt Democrats”

  1. Ogre says:

    6 to 8? I think they’re off here by at least a factor of 10, if not 100.

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