Posting Will Be Light + Linkfest

Posting will be light today. Someone worked real hard to piss me off this morning, plus, most of the news is uninteresting today.

Heck, even the moonbats are rather tame today.

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Plank’s Constant linked with Michael Jackson Dead? Akismet ate the TB.

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6 Responses to “Posting Will Be Light + Linkfest”

  1. Bassolino e Iervolino…

    Un piccolo regime (di sinistra) si sgretola……

  2. Lets Get Ready to Rummmmmmbbble…

    So…. she has left her party with two options… either she gets her way in her first decision as house speaker and puts a crook in the position, OR she loses her first battle with her own party, which is more than just a possibility. Nice start huh…..

  3. Officially in competition with Dumb Ox News for the best “War on Christmas” Post…

    Of course, besides stikNstein…………the other must link/visit everyday site on the net is The Dumb Ox News. Now they have gone and “scooped” the crack staff at stikNstein by having the first worthy “WAR ON CHRISTM…

  4. A Hint From the Iraq Study Group…

    Once again, other than quite a bit of lip service, we are in the same spot we were in before the elections. Iraq must be stabilized, and we are not leaving until it is….

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