I Voted GOP: Did You?

That's right, I voted yesterday, straight GOP ticket. Also, "No," on the Wake County school bond.


Whatcha gonna do?

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2 Responses to “I Voted GOP: Did You?”

  1. tommy says:

    one exception to the straight ticket and that was the governor’s race where I voted for the former republican that left the party to run against the current governor.

    you’d think a state of this size could find someone better than what we’ve done but I guess not.

    Two things that surprised me.

    1. The number of races where there were no democratic party names on the ballot.
    2. The number of libertarian candidates listed, I think there were more libertarian names than democratic ones.

  2. Those are completely different then from around here in the Raleigh area. Tons of candidates running solo for local stuff that were “democrats,” though no party affiliation is given.

    Go GOP!

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