Thursday Linkfest

And a Happy Thursday, all you crazy Neocons. Here's a GOP video from a few months ago, but, it is still relevant

I voted GOP. What are you going to do?

I have to say, listening to any Democrat talk is like listening to my parents tell me to eat my veggies when I was a child: very annoying and repetative. Think about it: every time they "debate" or talk to, well, anyone, the have to mention "this President and the do nothing GOP congress," followed by "the failed policy in Iraq." Usually followed by deflections when asked for their plans in Iraq.

Interestingly enough, a Democratic operative (I missed her name, was just waking up) responded with "redeployment." Cutting and running.

Look, if we "redepoly" to anywhere in the Middle East, that is where the fight will go. Iraq will still have some sectarian violence in those same four provinces, but most of the violence, done by non-Iraqi's, will follow.

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