Silly Dems Trying To Be Something Different

Witness this CNN piece "Democrats fight historic labels"

As part of our election series "Broken Government," CNN asked self-identified Democrats around Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles how they view their party. It was word association, "I say Democrat, You say –." Not scientific, but instructive.

Here is some of what we heard:

• "Disorganized"

• "Afraid to take a stand"

• "Not giving us anything better to look at"

• "A little soft"

Such views were so widespread, we began to key in on a single question: What is wrong with Democrats?

"Wuss factor."

Ouch. That must have hurt CNN to write. But, since the late 60's, it is true. Denny Hastert lays it out nicely

"The Minority Leader continued with her comments to say that terrorists are in Iraq because America is there and that the threats would disappear if we were to leave. She could not be further from reality. If the United States had not brought the fight to foreign soil, terrorists wouldn't disappear — they would deploy to the United States. This President and this Congress have chosen to go on the offensive and take the fight to the terrorists before we have to fight them in American neighborhoods.

"These comments should act as a bellwether for the American people. One cannot win the Global War on Terror if one does not understand it. If it were up to a Democrat majority, it would cut and run from the Global War on Terror, continue to coddle terrorists, create a United States Department of Peace (See Note) and call it a day. Democrat Leader Pelosi would trust the terrorists to give up their objective and play nice in exchange for the United States leaving Iraq. This outlook is foolish, naive and dangerous."

Blogs for Bush on Dems parodying themselves.

The Bullwinkle Blog on Pelosi not being from Surrender City San Francisco.

Hot Air has Duncan Hunter asking Wolfie Blitzer if CNN actually wants the US to win.

Beth at MVRWC continues to show what happens when one votes Defeatocrat.

Rick at Right Wing Nut House on the Liberal Manifesto and other Halloween Frights.

Who you planning on voting for?

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2 Responses to “Silly Dems Trying To Be Something Different”

  1. mw says:

    Nancy Pelosi does not exist in a vaccuum. If, after November 7th, Nancy Pelosi is not Speaker of the House – it means Denny Hastert is Speaker of the House.

    That would be the same Denny Hastert, who does not even meet the ethical standards of one of the most corrupt Tammany Hall politicians at the turn of the century.

    Even if you disagree with Nancy Pelosi politically, she is a much much better choice for Speaker of the House than Denny Hastert.

    We have an opportunity to vote directly on who we would prefer for Speaker of the House and 3rd in line to the presidency on November 7.

    Denny or Nancy? Choose wisely.

  2. Neither is the greatest of people. That is politics. We can get into a debate of which one does the worst things, such as Pelosi refusing to allow union workers at her restaurant and winery, destroying the environment at her golf course, dissing the poor over the sale of the Presidio land, etc. Also, her inability to realize that there are islamic terrorists out there that want to kill us, her votes against national security measures, etc.

    I would prefer to stay with someone who will work to keep taxes low, do at least something, no matter how small, to work against illegal immigration, and work to safeguard the USA, as well as not allowing insane socialist programs like the loser program of national healthcare and failure welfare program.

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