Second American Civil War

So, I took a dumpster dive to see what the DUmmies were saying about the plane crash in NYC, and there were actually enough lucid Democrats posting today to stave off the conspiracy nuts.

But, I did run across this gem of liberal/progressive insanity:

 The Second American Civil War:

Time to see it like it is. What's happening now in America isn't politics as usual; it's more like a civil war.

It stopped being politics in the year 2000 when Republican brown shirts stormed the Florida election centers to steal the presidential election.

It stopped being politics when Senator Wellstone's plane crashed so "conveniently" in Minnesota.

It stopped being politics when only high profile Democrats received anthrax in the mail.

It stopped being politics with black box, one party, Diebold "voting machines".

It stopped being politics when the Republicans also stole the year 2004 presidential election (please remember that significant discrepancies between exit polls and tallied results are the international standard for election fraud, and according to that standard, John Kerry is now unequivocally President of the United States).

It stopped being politics when patriotic members of our intelligence corps were exposed to life threatening dangers as acts of petty political revenge (are you listening, Karl?).

It stopped being politics when religious extremists tried to replace our Constitutional Democracy with an arrogant caricature of the loving and compassionate teachings of Jesus Christ.

And it stopped being politics when Presidential State of the Nation lies were used to justify exchanging the blood of thousands our children for oil.

Please note that these aren't political events. These are violent, illegal, and desperately immoral acts. We are talking about death and dishonor, treason and revenge, and these aren't political words, they’re war words.

Our noble forefathers won their war against a mad King George. Now it's our turn.

Viva America!

You just cannot make this stuff up!

Oh, BTW, DU poster wcepler, King George III was King during the American Revolution, not the Civil War. Just a little lesson in history.

Speaking of which, look where they are trying to go now with their newest insane book

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5 Responses to “Second American Civil War”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    You are kidding about the post aren’t you? It’s more like an article out of an old Mad mag, way past Saturday Night Live.
    Someone needs thirty days of shock treatment, now.
    But then constant losers must have an excuse since they don’t have a reason.

  2. Greta says:

    Why do you do that to yourself?

  3. I wish I was kidding. Those people are nuts.

    They are good for a chuckle, Greta. 48 million nutballs.

  4. linda says:

    The conspiracy nuts are funny, sad, but funny!

  5. I think the scientific term is “wackadoodle.” 🙂

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