Dow Close To 12,000, Economy Still Sucks

Or is it a false economy? Or, is it because we are being propped up by the Chinese? Housing bubble about to burst? Poor wage jobs? Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the kook talking points. All I know is they all are used to attempt to smear Bush, but end up denigrating America.

This story must have killed CNN to print:

Stocks rallied Thursday, with the Dow Jones Industrial average climbing above 11,900 for the first time, after good news from McDonald's and Costco.

The Dow (up 77.16 to 11,929.29, Charts) jumped nearly 0.7 percent about 2-1/2 hours into the session.

The world's most widely watched stock market gauge hit a new record trading high over 11,930, passing the previous record set Tuesday, and pushing the Dow within 70 points of 12,000 – the next major milestone for the market.

You just know that there are Braying Asses out there who are desparately hoping the market crashes, simply because Bush is president.

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