Word Can’t Wait. Funny Stuff

Not so much funny happenings, though the Lefties are always amusing. But, the "protest" for the World Can't Wait in Raleigh and Durham were flops.

I got stuck in traffic going to Durham (had forgot how bad it gets in that area between 4-7pm, plus, the exit I needed was closed.) The corner of Highways 54/55 is a busy one. You have Duke University, University of NC at Chapel Hill, and UNCC all within about 10 miles. You have a county that voted 70% for Kerry (Durham), and, if memory serves, well over 60% in Orange County (which contains the liberal mecca of Chapel Hill.) And this is all they could generate (click for full size photos)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That is it. That is all that they could muster for "The World Can't Wait," in a heavily liberal mecca. I have a few more photos of the first group, but, you get the idea.

They were also pretty quiet, just standing there with their signs.

A few people honked their horns, and their was a gentleman standing around, who looked like a plain clothed police officer, possibly to protect them or to keep them from getting out of hand. Pretty sad, eh?

Felt kinda bad, said I was there to take their photo for a left wing blog. They did give my American Flag rubber wristband an ugly look. Told them I was wearing it upside down. LOL! Bye

I dealt with the traffic to head to downtown Raleigh, but, by the time I got there around 6:30, not a soul around protesting where they were supposed to be. Oh, well. NC State was getting ready to play Florida State in Raleigh, guess that was more important then impeaching Bush. I guess the world can wait!

One last photo. While wasn't part of the protest, the pirate symbols combined with the left wing surrender screed was annoying

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Looks like Michelle M is going to have a roundup.

I also hope Sister Toldjah enjoys the is bit of sadness from the Lefties.

I did hear from a bud in Charlotte who was in the area of the supposed loon display that it was just as big a bust, just like Ogre said it would be.

More: Thousands protest Bush. On "World Can't Wait" protest day, that's the best they can do. The US population is almost 296 million.

Little Green Footballs has more.

Morning Update: Apparently, Greensboro, NC is trying to take the crown of Moonbat Haven away from Chapel Hill. Pictures from the WCW protest. Going to post one from the thread:

Nice Palestinian flag, eh?

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5 Responses to “Word Can’t Wait. Funny Stuff”

  1. […] William Teach has a few photos from today’s DOMR in Durham, NC. Doesn’t look like the event was too big a hit, does it? He has a friend in Charlotte who said the DOMR rally in my fair city was a “bust.” Surprising, as the Raleigh/Durham area (as well as Charlotte) are liberal havens. […]

  2. Raven says:


    I bet Ogre is glad he didn’t attend this waste of time!!

    How pathetic!

  3. Michael says:

    And the chicks are ugly too. But at least most of the two looked like they bathed at least once a week.

  4. Raven says:

    LOL!! Michael ….don’t yah know liberals are trying to save the world? They don’t have time to bathe.

  5. They seemed nice, but a little vacuous. They didn’t have any talking points ready. They also started talking about some scary Apache helicopters flying over Durham a while back. Weird.

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