Northeast Global Warming Can Be Solved

Here they go again, more "global warming is only caused by Man" hysteria:

TRENTON, N.J. – Global warming could strain the Northeast's power grid, farms, forests and marine fisheries by the next century unless carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 3 percent each year, according to a report released Wednesday

The climate in the nine states — from New Jersey and Pennsylvania up to Maine — could become like that of the South with longer, much hotter summers and warmer winters with less snow, the report by the Union of Concerned Scientists said.

"This has enormous implications for human health. It puts a lot of stress on the energy system. It could lead to blackouts," said Katherine Hayhoe, an associate professor of geosciences at Texas Tech University and a lead author of the two-year study.

If power plant and auto emissions of carbon dioxide — considered the main culprit in global warming — continue unabated, average temperatures in the Northeast could rise between 6.5 degrees and 12.5 degrees by the end of the century, she said. A shift to cleaner, renewable energy sources would cut that increase in half, she said.

Considered the main culprits by a bunch of hysterical morons, whose lives are impacted daily by the energy they consume from power plants and the motor vehicles they drive. Notice there is no mention of airplanes? Probably because they were "going that way anyhow."

Funny how the majority of these reports involve predominantely Blue areas, which tend to be more polluted and populated then Red areas. And one of the last place that should be involved is Trenton, NJ. Tongue out

Seriously, these nutcases completely ignore the higher output of the Sun, underwater volcanic activity, particularly in the mid Atlantic basin, which also increases the methane output. Maybe they should look at global warming in the NE states as being caused by an overpopulation of liberal windbags. Don't they breathe out greenhouse gasses?

The study said Boston could see its number of 90-degree-plus summer days jump from one to 40 if no changes are made. New York City could have 70.

Things like more glass and metal replacing brick buildings wouldn't have anything to do with that, along with more crowded condition, all the limo's and SUV's with low gas milage leaving their pollutants to stagnate over the cities, would it? Not to mention the defoliation in urban areas. Cities are vastly different from around the turn of the century (19th to 20th.) All the concrete and asphalt streets are differnt from gravel and dirt, eh?

All that creates a hotter area. Data shows that urban areas can be up to 10 degrees higher then the surrounding suburbs.

PS: the website for the Union of Concerned Scientist shows a group that looks to be more about political action rather then proper scientific reality and investigation. I'm all for protecting the environment, as I have said many times before. But these groups give environmentalism a bad name.

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