1 and Only Post On Foley

He is a disgrace. Resigning was the correct thing to do. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

However, were any laws broken? Do any of the emails solicit the pages for sex? Good questions. To the Democrats, this is horrific and the worst possible conduct imaginable. Worse the Saddam and his henchman raping women at will, torturing their citizens, mutilating them, and killing them, at times, en mass.

Worse then suicide bombers killing civilians, including children. Worse then Iran getting nuclear weapons. Worse then 9/11 or any other attack on the USA.

But, unlike a sitting US president, Foley never actually had physical conduct with pages or interns.

Not to blow off Foley's conduct, but, Clinton actually did have physical contact of a sexual nature with an intern, not to mention the whole Paula Jones incident, as well as Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick. And Democrats, for the most part, had no problem with what happened. Hell, even Clinton's wife had no problem with her husband getting a BJ in the White House, along with that cigar thing.

It is all part of the hypocricy of the Left. They have no moral compass, just means to gain and/or keep power.

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6 Responses to “1 and Only Post On Foley”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Repeat of my post on other sites:
    If the leadership of the republicans in the house knew about Foley and protected him that brings up a bigger question. The democrats and the media types or hypes (whichever)evidently/definitely had the same or more information and held it for political purposes. Does that make one a bigger slimeball than the other? Me think not. So if one should resign from the house, dozens of democrats should also resign and all should be prosecuted for the same crimes as Foley, if a crime really was committed, which is still a question. Since the democrats drive for years is to do away with all parental control and allow children age 12 and younger to obtain an abortion without the parents consent, that also says the democrats approved of the same children having sex at that age. No sexual encounter, no abortion required.
    Of course the democrats are all throwing a Slick Willie fit today to try and cover their part in this. Won’t work, everyone saw the Slick fit ,and know you are all mentally retarded or simply crazy.

  2. Stacy says:

    Yep, you and Scrapiron stated it better than I did. However . . . .

  3. If Foley is found to have committed a crime, he should be put away, no doubt, and, most GOPers will agree. Unlike Dems, who thought that Clinton’s breaking of the law was A-OK

  4. Indigo Red says:

    At the very least, Foley did the right thing by resigning, fessing-up, and seeking help. How many Congressional Democrat perverts would have admitted to being a sicko Don’t get me wrong, I think Foley should be staked out at the lowtide line and left for the crabs.

  5. Were it a Dem, they would have backed him to the hilt.

  6. Plus + Ultra says:

    Karr, Foley, Mo; They Like ‘Em Green But Karr and Mo Liked ‘Em Really Green…

    See post below for the John Karr/Kraftwerk mashup.
    Which reminds us. What does John Karr have in common with recently resigned Congressman Mark Foley and the “Prophet” Mohammed?
    Right, a taste for “young stuff”.
    But, there&#8217…

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