Totally Blank

Just cannot find anything interesting to write about. Nothing floating my boat today. Even the old reliable nuts Mo Dowd and the DU are boring. Anyone have any ideas? How about throwing some ideas my way for a good photoshop.

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3 Responses to “Totally Blank”

  1. Hector Vex says:

    Feeling uncreative today huh? The creative juices aren’t flowing? You could always just go around the blogroll and see what’s going on – it’s not considered improper to jack a story from someone else. I do it all the time (and of course give proper credit.)

    Meanwhile, if you want, it’s shorty going to be Free Music Friday at my blog… so if nothing else, you can download some tunes.

  2. Ogre says:

    Jump on a carnival! Today IS catblogging day, after all!

    Or head to the Homespun folks or XBIP for a ideas. Dang, you’re going to want links to those, aren’t you? Lemme go look…

  3. Housewife says:

    I “created” a picture of John Bolton and de Villepin this morning but am too afraid to post it on my site. LOL I’ll gladly pass it on to you if you want it. LOL

    Also did some before and after shots of Brenda Buttner and Juliet Huddy. I need to go and read a book, I swear.

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