American Flag Bidness

Couple more great folks joining the American Flag League

Welcome aboard, Maties!

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2 Responses to “American Flag Bidness”

  1. GunTrash says:

    Pete Ashdown, Democrat planning to run against Hatch in 2006. That’s fine, different folks running for the same seat, that’s what sustains us as a Republic. I did a quick read over at Pete’s site, nothing too radical jumped out at me. But, I didn’t see Pete’s views on the 2nd Amendment. That’s always the litmus test for the ol’ Sarge here. You don’t trust me with a gun? I don’t trust with my vote.

    Maybe some Utah voter out there will ask him, “Just how DO you feel about gun owndership and the private citizen, Pedro?”

  2. It’s kinda nice to have another dem on the roll, there are so few. I almost rolled Oliver Willis, but then he changed his graphic to not include the flag.

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