Not a Repug as FCC Chairman!

Oh, No, Bush has done it again: appointed someone bound to drive the Lefties crazy/insane:

 President George W. Bush on Wednesday named
Kevin Martin, a North Carolina native and member of the Federal
Communications Commission, to head the agency that has recently gained
notoriety for clamping down on indecency in broadcasting.

who has been an FCC commissioner since 2001, replaces Michael Powell as
chairman. Powell, son of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, had
announced in January that he was leaving this month after four years in
the top post.

Martin, 38, a Republican, was born in Charlotte, N.C. He worked at the
White House for Bush as an economic adviser and served as a deputy
general counsel on Bush’s first campaign. His wife, Catherine, is a
special assistant to the president on economic policy and previously
worked as an adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney.

As noted in the article, since Martin is already on the FCC, his appointment as head does not have to be confirmed by the Senate, so no bloviating by Senate Dems. Aww, to bad. No chance for them to bring Halliburton into the discussion due to Martin’s oobvious links to it from working for Dick Cheney.

I would like to nominate myself for the open slot that Powell’s resignation leaves open. That way I get first crack at seeing all the smut on TV. cBS might end up having a few issues if I got the job.

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