Daily Archives: January 29, 2005

A Clothing Rant

What is the point of having a blog if you don’t go off on a rant now and then? Here is todays. Someone explain the point of stocking spring/summer clothes starting the last week in January? No, really, someone tell me. It is completely idiotic. Men have a hard enough time finding clothes other then […]

Sharon Stone: Hollywood Good Girl

Courtesy of Krakatoa at The Zoo, comes a story of a Hollywood celeb using her fame to do good: Hollywood siren Sharon Stone, more used to the film studio than the business stage, stole the limelight with an impromptu fundraiser at the World Economic Forum that secured one million dollars in aid to Africa. Seizing […]

An American Challenge

Bumped to Saturday the 29th: OK, I am a Large Mammal, but I don’t get as many daily hits as some. I still have a challenge for all the bloggers out there, whether the are Left or Right: put something patriotic on your blog. A flag. A background (see Jeremy at American Warmonger). A babe […]

The American Challenge

I have bumped the American Challenge post up. I have been remiss in cruising the Blogosphere this past week, busy with Performance Evaluations. Fun stuff. I am going to check through blogs, see what I can find today. If anyone knows of anyone who meets the criteria, let me know

Resurrected Man

Slight happenings with Larry Green, the man who was pronounced dead, sent to the morgue, then found to be alive by the coroner. From varying local reports, print, tv, radio, he had surgery Friday and is still critical, but his full condition is being guarded. The report on what went wrong is being guarded, as […]

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