Daily Archives: January 1, 2005

For allergy sufferers

Now, this seems great, if it works: Scientists believe they have identified a protein which could be crucial in creating new treatments for allergies.  Researchers told Nature that blocking p110delta in mast cells – which cause allergic reactions – substantially reduced symptoms in tests on mice. To heck with the mice, I’ll try it. For […]

NY Times, do you have a solution?

Cassandra beat me to the punch with this one (saw her update using Bloglines.) Saw it this am when I was checking to see what the loons at the Times were doing today, but, hey, a morning nap called. So, let me throw this up before I read Cass’ post, then I recommend you set […]

My Predictions

Everyone else out there is making their predictions for 2005, I figured that it is time to make some myself. George Bush will be inaugurated. (happened) The big weenie, John Kerry (he is a US Senator, you know) will not break 40% attendance for votes. Teresa Heinz Kerry will say something incredibly insensitive in public. […]

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