Daily Archives: January 10, 2005

Almost 20,000!

Who will it be? The way traffic has been, I am betting on a visit from someone who was googling "tsunami photos."

Myopic Zeal, or Scapegoat Soup

Avast! So, cBS finally pulled the trigger, eh? Four CBS executives were fired Monday following the release of an independent investigation that said a "myopic zeal" led to a "60 Minutes Wednesday" story about President Bush’s military service that relied on allegedly forged documents. The network fired Mary Mapes, producer of the report; Josh Howard, […]

Site Meter

Took Sitemeter off line for a bit, going to wonky, slowing page loading down. Heck, www.sitemeter.com is off line. Update: Sitemeter non wonky. Anyone know where to put the code in it to make format left?

20 Rules of Conservatives

From a website called "The Reich-Wing Republican Joke Page" (courtesy of some folks on a forum I post on) comes the "20 Rules of Conservatives: Masters ofTheir Own Domain!" 1) Conservatives are good, you are bad.2) Conservatives are right, you are wrong.3) Conservatives are sane, you are not.4) Conservatives know humor. You do not.5) Conservatives […]

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