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Baghdad Bob Speaks!

Speaking from a secure location at the Democratic Underground, former Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, aka Baghdad Bob and The Funniest Man Alive, weighed in on the the Iraqi elections. "There were no elections. There are no US troops in Iraq. Saddam is still in power. There is no dancing in the streets, and […]

Soros Thinks Kerry is a Weenie

Just too much good stuff out there today. Courtesy of Drudge, comes a story about Soros thinking Kerry was basically a loser. BTW, when is Soros joining a monastary? Weenie story here.

Day By Day

Courtesy of Day by Day, and Instapundit

American Flag-Folks added

I have been remiss in mentioning the folks who have been added to the American Flag blogroll Welcome aboard: The Political Teen West Coast Chaos The ACB For the time being, any notifications like this will be on this site, rather then the American Flag site. I am having some backend issues with seeing who […]

Iraqi’s Dance and Sing

Watching the news of the day on Iraq, and it is simply an incredible thing to watch Iraqi’s literally dancing and singing before, during, and after voting. Their joy is infectious. And, yes, it is on Fox News. CNN and MSNBC have yet to show the joy of the Iraqi people during the times that […]

The Iraqi Candidates

One of the current Demorat slanders is "how can you have an election when you do not know who the candidates are?" Sorry to burst that lead balloon, but the names of the candidates were known during the week. Iraqi newspapers Thursday published for the first time the names of some 7,000 candidates for the […]

Iraqi Elections

So far, despite repeated pessimism, the Iraqi elections are going well. Yes, there has been some violence, but we expected it. The "insurgents" are against any form of democratic process. Zarqawi has said so. Voting is scheduled to end at 9am Eastern Standard Time. So far, it looks like they had a better turnout then […]

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