The Iraqi Candidates

One of the current Demorat slanders is "how can you have an election when you do not know who the candidates are?" Sorry to burst that lead balloon, but the names of the candidates were known during the week.

Iraqi newspapers Thursday published for the first time the names of some 7,000 candidates for the new National Assembly. Many of the candidates’ identities had been kept secret to protect them from assassination.

Yes, it was short notice. The names had to be protected from the terrorists that want to disrupt the process, who many on the Left seem to have an affinity for, including Ted Kennedy, over the United States, it’s military, and the People of Iraq. How many people voted for or really knew who their candidates were in the first ever election for the United States? Were the folks that signed the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution elected?

What is next?

Sunday is just the first round. The new government remains in office for 11 months, and one of its main tasks is to draft a constitution. If that is approved by voters in a referendum, new national elections will take place in December. If the constitution is rejected, however, it’s back to the voting booth to elect a new Assembly and try again.

Today was just the beginning on a long road to have a free and democratic process for the People of Iraq. They deserve the help and support of the international community in achieving representative government. Freedom beats tyranny everyday that ends in a "y."

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