Iraqi Elections

So far, despite repeated pessimism, the Iraqi elections are going well. Yes, there has been some violence, but we expected it. The "insurgents" are against any form of democratic process. Zarqawi has said so. Voting is scheduled to end at 9am Eastern Standard Time. So far, it looks like they had a better turnout then we did, with over 70% voting.

CNN actually has a decent story, despite their headline "Bombers Strike as Iraqi’s Vote." What would have been wrong with "Iraqi’s vote for the first time"? Anyhow, it is an interesting mix of "oh, shat, I have to write good news?" and "great, bad news from Iraq." Exactly what we expect from the Liberal media.

What are some of the other headlines?

  • BBC: Iraq Votes as Attacks Hit Baghdad (not that pessimistic)
  • Fear and Hope Collide AsIraq Braces For Vote
  • MSNBC: Iraqi voter turnout picks up despite violence: Al-Zarqawi group claims attacks on polling stations: 31 killed (they had to slip that in, eh?)
  • New York Times front page: Iraqi’s Voting amid tight security: turnout in capital signals early success (I’m impressed. Must have killed the Times to lead with that headline) The actual article page headline is strictly about violence.
  • The Washington Post takes the same line as the NYT’s: Historic Election Day nears conclusion in Iraq.
  • USA Today: Iraqi’s Defy Insurgents, cast ballots in elections
  • cBS News: Bombs on Iraq Election Day.
  • ABC News: Iraqi’s cast their votes, despite violence

All in all, it must have killed most of them to have to mention that the elections are working. Gotta mention the violence, though.

This is a great day for the Iraqi people. Is it a great day for George Bush, his administration, and the people who support Bush? At this point, I personnaly do not care. Maybe we can gloat about it later. Today is a day for the People of Iraq.

Update: PoliBlog has a good round up of the elections. Pop on over.

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