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Villainous Company: Stop Lying About The 2004 Election

For those who really want to know about the "fraud" in Ohio, please go see Cassandra at Villainous Company. Best post I have seen yet, and, quite frankly, I doubt whether anyone else, including the MSM’s, can top it. And, just to be clear, I do not write that to be suck up. This really […]

Proof of Fraud II?

Ah, but not in Ohio, maties, but in the State of Washington. Oops — never mind. Three days after King County election officials explained most of a controversial discrepancy between the number of ballots cast and voters known to have voted, the gap has grown again. After whittling the discrepancy from 3,539 votes to 1,217 […]

Berger’s Back

Heard on FoxNews this am, the Sandy Berger probe is still going on, and doesn’t sound good for Berger. He has apparently admitted taking documents, as well as "losing" documents. That would be a Federal offense. Haven’t found any reports on the web yet, we will see what comes up. Update (a quick one): Glenn […]

I thank ye

Fofo, rahkmat, jag tacker, salamat po, nandri, pagui, galatoomii, tlazacoma, wneeweh, akpe, sanco, nandi, da ja, gracias, wapsaw, rekmet, hvala, merci, grasce, urako, kiitos, tanke, qujanarssuaq, go raibh maith agat, dziekuje, spasibo, multumesc, auw’e, iwgwien, a bigi ba, danke, gratia, skanaa-ri, barkal, and na goodoota-ngaa naa ci, President Bush. Today is International Thank You Day.

More cBS

From the Washington Post: Many Republicans couldn’t resist crowing that the report, commissioned by CBS, repudiated the network’s reporting on so many levels, given the longtime conservative animosity toward Rather as a symbol of liberal bias. And although the panel’s report found no political bias by anyone at CBS, it was clearly a setback for […]

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