Villainous Company: Stop Lying About The 2004 Election

For those who really want to know about the "fraud" in Ohio, please go see Cassandra at Villainous Company. Best post I have seen yet, and, quite frankly, I doubt whether anyone else, including the MSM’s, can top it. And, just to be clear, I do not write that to be suck up.

This really sticks in my mind:

On charges that Republican election supervisors threw the election: in
24 of the 25 counties with the highest percentage of non-voted ballots
for president, the county supervisor was a Democrat. In the remaining
county, the supervisor was an independent.

Ballot spoilage was 14% higher in counties where the election
supervisor was a Democrat, 31 % higher where an African American
Democrat was in charge. The famed butterfly ballots of Palm Beach
County were creations of Democrats.

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One Response to “Villainous Company: Stop Lying About The 2004 Election”

  1. Cassandra says:

    For you to “suck up”, first I would have to be someone important 🙂

    Thanks so much for the link – I’m flattered!

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