Again, not in Ohio. Stefan Sharkansky of Sound Politics brings us the latest news from the State of Washington:

62% in the State of Washington say there should be a new election to re-vote on the governor’s race … and 36% statewide say there should not be a new election.

A re-vote is supported by 76% of Republicans and 64% of Independents. In Eastern Washington 59% of those polled back a re-vote, 61% in the Seattle area back a re-vote.
Democrats oppose a re-vote, but even among Democrats, it is close:45% support holding a new election, 52% say they oppose it.

Can any Democrat say the same about Ohio? If you want to read about what real election issues and possible fraud looks like, read the rest of his articles.

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5 Responses to “Revote?”

  1. Oh good grief. Let it go already. The recounts were perfectly legit and provided for under WA law, and the “found” ballots were legitimately cast ones that were not counted originally . . . and they weren’t even necessary; she won after the hand recount even without them.

  2. She won after 3 recounts where mystery ballots appeared in King County. There are some seriously weird things going on there. If they do the revote, and the Dem wins, I promise I will concede gracefully.

  3. “mystery ballots” is cute catch phrase . . . but there is nothing “mysterious” about them. The were cast and were not originally counted.

    The more you press this “mystery” the more you sound like a hypocrite when discussing OH (and vice versa). Regardless, the hand recount (provided for under WA law) gave her the win with or without “mysterious” ballots.

    In the words of wingers everywhere since ’00 . . . get over it.

  4. Nope. See, there is proof regarding the ballots in King County. More votes then registered voters. People voting twice. I am not stating that it was Democratic fraud. Suggesting might be a better term. I, and the others following it, could be wrong. It is more then has been found in Ohio.

  5. Ogre says:

    Them’s some pretty big numbers — but worthless. There’s no way the Democrats will give up their hold there — much like the ones in NC will not admit they have lost, even after being told so repeatedly (NC Ag Comm Race).

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