Daily Archives: January 21, 2005


Some interesting stuff. I had stopped by American Warmonger this afternoon (using IE), and saw a discussion of him using a favicon. So, I checked up on it, since I had previously thought you could only do it if you owned a domain name. WRONG. It is actually incredibly simple. What is a favicon? See […]

An American Challenge, Part II

I have created an offshoot site using Typepad (first time I did something really bad, no clue what), which specifies what it is. The name is pretty basic, American Flag, as is the site. Just a clearing house. I will probably create a nice banner for it this weekend.

A Pack of Nuts

Some serious nuts out and about yesterday. You can get the whole show here I wonder if the nut with the sign realizes it is Red? Chaining yourself to a gas pump? Brilliant. Bet they feel real good today. Burning the flag? Way to show your patriotism. Love her tinfoil hat (lady in pink).

NOW They Want Us to Stay?

From MSNBC: Aid groups warned on Friday it might be too soon for the U.S. military to scale back its emergency operations for Asia’s tsunami victims, while an informal cease-fire between Indonesian troops and rebels appeared to have collapsed, threatening to derail relief efforts. Following a U.S. announcement on Thursday that American forces would begin […]

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