NOW They Want Us to Stay?


Aid groups warned on Friday it might be too soon for the U.S. military to scale back its emergency operations for Asia’s tsunami victims, while an informal cease-fire between Indonesian troops and rebels appeared to have collapsed, threatening to derail relief efforts.

Following a U.S. announcement on Thursday that American forces would begin immediately transferring responsibility for relief operations to the “appropriate host nations and international organizations,” some aid groups expressed concern that the move came too quickly, as tens of thousands of survivors from the Dec. 26 tsunami that struck a dozen nations were still in need of food aid and shelter.

First everyone complains that the USA is being the worlds policeman, now they complain because we say we will cut back as we transfer power. I thought that the entire world hated us? But not when we are useful to them, eh? I am all for staying as long as necessary, to make sure that folks get the aid they need. I do not want the United Nations getting involved, and siphoning off the money. But, is it our job to provide the security for the relief effort, since there are problems between the Tamil Tigers and the government forces? No. Nor has either side asked for our help. Nor is this a time to assert our dominance in the area. We are there to provide aid, and, if we can turn over the control to aid groups and the national governments, all the better.

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2 Responses to “NOW They Want Us to Stay?”

  1. MissPatriot says:

    Heh! There’s nothing new under the sun. America can’t do anything right in the eyes of, well, lots of other countries and about 49% of Americans.

    It’s like an emotionally abusive spouse. Nit picking and criticizing no matter what. Thankfully, about 51% of Americans know better than to listen the the idiots. And know that, yes, we do make mistakes. But, we also do alot of good, and the mistakes don’t cancel out the good.

  2. It would be nice if some folks around the world would just say “thank you, Uncle Sam.” Thank you for saving our buts in 2 world wars. Thank you for being there when a disaster happens. Thank you for standing up for Freedom.

    I guess I am expecting too much.

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