Daily Archives: January 23, 2005

Tax Freedom Day

An interesting study, submitted for thy approval (courtesy of Incessant Rant). The 2004 Tax Freedom Day study. According to the study, North Carolina is number 32 on the list, with our Day having been on April 6th. Overall, the true Tax Freedom day is April 11th, the earliest it has been since 1967. Since I […]

More Proof of Fraud in Washinton

From the Seattle Times (hat tip to Michele Malkin) Scores of convicted felons voted illegally in the state’s 2004 general election, and officials never noticed because of serious flaws in the system for tracking them, The Seattle Times has found. The Times, reviewing felony convictions as far back as 1997, identified 129 felons in King […]

Man Who ID’d Saddam Registers

Some good news from Iraq: The Iraqi translator who identified Saddam Hussein when the dictator was captured has registered to vote in the Jan. 30 Iraq election. Acting as a civilian translator for U.S. troops massed a few miles south of Tikrit in December 2003, the Iraqi-American known as Samir told the cowering man to […]

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