Man Who ID’d Saddam Registers

Some good news from Iraq:

The Iraqi translator who identified Saddam Hussein when the dictator was captured has registered to vote in the Jan. 30 Iraq election.

Acting as a civilian translator for U.S. troops massed a few miles south of Tikrit in December 2003, the Iraqi-American known as Samir told the cowering man to surrender or die. Soldiers were ready to pitch a grenade into the pit when the man inside slowly thrust his hands into the light, giving up.

"It was like a special day, a very special day," said Samir, who does not reveal his last name in interviews for security reasons. "That’s the man that destroyed millions of lives in Iraq. He was in my hand, actually. I grabbed him. I was there."

Good for him. Let’s hope that, in a few years or so, he can proudly state his full name to the world without fear of someone taking revenge on him. The elections on the 30th will go a long way to freeing the Iraqi people from the haze of tyranny.

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