Daily Archives: January 31, 2005

This Must Have Really Hurt

From the Editorial Page of the Washington Post: FOR MONTHS news from Iraq has told the story of the extremists, those who destroy themselves to murder others and to proclaim the cause of a religious or Baathist dictatorship. Yesterday the world saw and heard, at last, another Iraq, one in which millions of people from […]


If anything happens to look wonky over the next few days, particularly regarding the domain name, that is because I finally broke down and bought a unique domain name, "thepiratescove.us" Please do not bookmark it at this time, cause how it will work out, I am not sure yet. Right now, I am mostly playing […]

An OBJ Rant

One of the great things about blogs is about being able to get one’s feelings out, whether anyone reads it or not. The following rant contains the type of language I rarely use, so, read at your own risk.

Cold Fury

From the fingers of Mike Hendrix of Cold Fury (whose bandwith we killed this month), comes a great commentary on the war in Iraq. Hat tip to Right Wing News, where you might want to go to read Mike’s article, at least until the new month starts 🙂 Quick excerpt: 2) Bush acted on the […]

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