Tax Freedom Day

An interesting study, submitted for thy approval (courtesy of Incessant Rant). The 2004 Tax Freedom Day study.

According to the study, North Carolina is number 32 on the list, with our Day having been on April 6th. Overall, the true Tax Freedom day is April 11th, the earliest it has been since 1967. Since I was born in 1967, it is all my fault. Or maybe it was Bush’s. But, I digress (into idiocy). It is 3 days earlier then 2003, and 21 days earlier then 2000 (thanks, Slick).

The worst States? Of the Top 10 Worst (Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Washington, Wyoming, Nevada, and California), only Wyoming and Nevada are Red.


Another interesting point is that the worst years occured while Clinton was President (I know, I’m not supposed to mention Clinton. It is like some taboo word, unless the Democrats bring it up). I thought Clinton’s economy was supposed to be so great? Meanwhile, every year he was in office, our Tax Freedom Day went longer and longer into the year, escalating from April 20th to May 2nd. Look at what President Bush’s tax cuts have done. That is one hell of a downward curve, eh mateys? Thank You, President Bush!

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    Pirate’s Cove Captain Teach over at Pirate’s Cove has a post about this year’s Tax Freedom Day. I’ve celebrated this day for years. Tax Freedom Day is the day when Americans will finally have earned enough money to pay off…

  2. Holly says:

    this is very strange whoever wrote this!!! your kinda crazy!!!!!!

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